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Founded in 1989 by Guillermo Rothpflug, this thriving and entrepreneurial firm has earned prestige and industry standing through the arduous and constant effort of our entire team of associates.We provide complete solutions for all industries because of the diversity of our product line, our technical and component repair services and our application engineering capabilities. We have the most comprehensive stock of components and hydraulic spare parts. The most prestigious international brands choose us as their exclusive representative because of our demonstrated performance and dedication to the sale of products.  Our network of distributors allows us to efficiently assist our clients throughout the country as well as in neighboring countries.Highly specialized professionals, whose experience and continuous training are backed by the renowned, lasting leadership that we have maintained through time, lead our technical service department.We also have a test stand that allows us to certify repairs and guarantee our work.Our engineering department develops highly technical solutions, specifically for the agricultural, industrial, marine, primary metals, and mining industries.We create solutions on a large scale, addressing the requirements of original equipment manufacturers as well as end-users.Variety, excellence, experience and innovation.  That is Verion.


We want to be recognized as a leading company in the hydraulics field, committed to meet the needs of our customers by offering our knowledge, experience, responsibility, commitment, ethics and respect.


To lead the market, armed with a talented and committed team, by offering products, components and services quality and competitive price giving comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of the market.

General Objectives / AIMS

1. To position itself as a leader in customer consultancy according to needs and profile.
2. To Offer customer a range of options in price and quality according to the required solutions with a wide variety of products.
3. To introduce ourselves as a company which sells oil hydraulic components, but also as a consultant group which advises and provides technical assistance in searching for the best option to your need.
4. To Support our service and quality


COMMITMENT: We are identified with the company, accept and share personal and group goals and values ​​and strive to fulfill them widely.
COMMUNICATION: We understand the importance of efficiently meeting the requirements and messages of both internal and external customers.
ETHICS: we are people of integrity in our working, social and personal scope.
HONESTY: Our human quality allows us to commit y and express ourselves with consistency and authenticity.
RESPECT: we acknowledge, understand and appreciate the needs and rights of others, thus we believe ours will be respected as well.
RESPONSABILITY: We timely plan the different individual and group tasks assigned to us.
SERVICE: Our experience and knowledge enables us to meet the needs of our customers.
FELLOWSHIP: We understand that our partner is an ally in achieving group goals; thus, teamwork will not only enhance the team but also the company as a whole.



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